VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Using the Internal Metronome/Tempo Map

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Press PAGE until "Metro" is displayed above F2.

3. Press F2 (Metro). Use the mouse or the CURSOR arrows and the TIME/VALUE dial to select "INT" in the "METRONOME OUT" box.

4. Use the mouse or CURSOR arrows to highlight the METRONOME MODE box. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select either "Rec Only" (the metronome is heard only when recording) or "Rec&Play" (the metronome is heard during recording and playback).

5. If desired, use the TIME/VALUE dial and the CURSOR buttons to select a TONE TYPE (the actual sound of the metronome) and/or INT LEVEL (volume of the internal metronome).

6. Press F6 [EXIT].

7. Press F1 (TEMPO]. Use the Mouse or the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired tempo and/or time signature.

8. If there are any tempo changes in the song, you can press F2 [NEW] and use the CURSOR arrows and TIME/VALUE dial to change the desired tempo, time signature, and measure at which the tempo changes.

9. Press F6 [EXIT] when finished, and press DISPLAY/HOME to return to your display screen.
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