VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Track Export vs. Phrase Export

The VS-2480 and VS-2480CD offer two different methods of exporting recorded material into .wav files. In order to help decide which method to use with your project, here is a brief overview (both functions are located in the CD-RW mastering menu):
"Track Export" is used to export the entire contents of a given track, from zero on the timeline, to the end of the recorded audio. For example, if you have a lead vocal track that starts at 25 seconds, the .wav file created from that track will include 25 seconds of dead silence before the vocal begins. This method is used when individual tracks need to be assembled in a multitrack recording program (i.e. ProTools) and the tracks need to line up with each other.
"Phrase Export" is used to export a section of a track (phrase) or only the recorded audio on a given track (not the silence that precedes it). This method is used for exporting audio clips for editing with an external editor, and/or for exporting your final mix for further processing or duplication.
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