VS-890, VS-880EX, VS-880: Connecting an External Drive

An external SCSI drive can be connected to the VS-880 for recording or backing up your song data. Use the following procedure to connect an external SCSI device to the VS-880:

1. With the power turned off on both devices, connect one end of the SCSI cable to the VS-880�s SCSI port on the rear panel, and the other to your drive�s SCSI port. Make sure they are connected securely.

2. If your external drive is the only or last device in the SCSI chain (the VS-880 is the first), make sure that it is terminated (consult your drive�s owner�s manual if you are unsure how to terminate your drive).

3. Set the drive�s SCSI ID number so that it does NOT match the SCSI ID number of any other devices in the SCSI chain (the VS-880 defaults to SCSI ID 7). Consult your drive�s owner�s manual if you are unsure how to set the SCSI ID.

4. Turn on the power of any external SCSI devices in the chain. If you are using a removable media drive (Zip, Syquest, etc.) insert a disk into the drive.

5. Turn on the VS-880. During its startup procedure, the VS-880 will recognize the external drive.

NOTE: Before storing or recording to an external drive it must be formatted by the VS-880 using the "drive initialize" procedure.
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