VS-890, VS-880EX, VS-880: Connecting an External Drive

An external SCSI drive can be connected to the VS-880 for recording or backing up your song data. Use the following procedure to connect an external SCSI device to the VS-880:

1. With the power turned off on both devices, connect one end of the SCSI cable to the VS-880’s SCSI port on the rear panel, and the other to your drive’s SCSI port. Make sure they are connected securely.

2. If your external drive is the only or last device in the SCSI chain (the VS-880 is the first), make sure that it is terminated (consult your drive’s owner’s manual if you are unsure how to terminate your drive).

3. Set the drive’s SCSI ID number so that it does NOT match the SCSI ID number of any other devices in the SCSI chain (the VS-880 defaults to SCSI ID 7). Consult your drive’s owner’s manual if you are unsure how to set the SCSI ID.

4. Turn on the power of any external SCSI devices in the chain. If you are using a removable media drive (Zip, Syquest, etc.) insert a disk into the drive.

5. Turn on the VS-880. During its startup procedure, the VS-880 will recognize the external drive.

NOTE: Before storing or recording to an external drive it must be formatted by the VS-880 using the "drive initialize" procedure.
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