VS-890, VS-880EX: Using the Master Insert Switch

The VS-880EX/VS-890's Master Insert Switch is a convenient way to insert an effect right before the master outputs. This is perfect for adding compression or a graphic EQ to your whole mix. There are actually two Master Insert Switches: one for the first effect processor and one for the second. Use the following procedure to insert an effect on the whole mix:

1. Select the desired effect to be inserted from either the Effect 1 or Effect 2 processor.

2. Hold SHIFT and press FADER/EDIT. Press PARAMETER LEFT or RIGHT until "MST FX1 INS Sw =" is displayed (or "MST FX2 INS Sw" if you wish to insert Effect 2).

3. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select "On". The selected effect is now applied to the entire mix.
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