MC-505: MegaMix

The MegaMix function is a great feature that allows a user to call up a pattern
and fly in a bass part to replace the current bass part. This is a cool way of
creating hybrid patterns with a few button moves. Use the following procedure
to select Parts from different Patterns and combine them in real-time:

1) Select a Pattern and press PLAY to begin playback.
2) Press the PART MIXER select button (above MUTE CTRL) repeatedly until the
MEGAMIX indicator is lit.
3) Press PART SELECT so it is lit.
4) Use the PART BUTTONS (R through 7) to select a Part.
5) Use the selected PART's slider or the VALUE DIAL to select an alternate
Pattern for that Part.

NOTE: The Part Slider will give you access to twenty neighboring pattern
(ten numbers higher or ten numbers lower than the original pattern number.)
The VALUE dial will give you access to all patterns.
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