MC-505: Erasing Notes or Data

The MC-505 can erase specific notes or recorded data after they have been recorded. Use the following procedure to erase notes or data from a User Pattern.

1) Hold EDIT and press Keypad #2 [ERASE].

2) Press the PART button for the Part that you wish to Edit.

3) Specify from which measure the Edit will start.

4) Press ENTER.

5) Specify the number of measures from which data will be erased.

6) Press ENTER.

7) Press the INC button or turn the VALUE dial to select the type of musical data you want to erase.

8) Press ENTER.

9) Press ENTER again to confirm your choice.

NOTE: If "NOTE" is selected you can press any two Keypads simultaneously to specify the range of notes you want to erase. The note range will be indicated by lit Keypads.
If you do not specify a note range, ALL NOTES will be erased.

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