U-20: Changing Patches by sending MIDI Program Changes

You can change the entire Setup (Patch) of the U-20 by sending a program change on the Control channel. This will change all Timbres and the Rhythm Set as well as the effects settings. (Program changes on the MIDI channels used for the individuals Parts will change only the Timbres for the selected Part.) Use the following procedure to access the Control channel:

1. Press Edit.

2. Cursor to "Setup," press Enter.

3. Cursor to "MIDI," press Enter.

4. Cursor to "Sound," press Enter.

5. Cursor to "Control."

6. Use the VALUE UP and DOWN buttons to choose the desired MIDI Control Channel. It is a good idea to set the control channel to a MIDI channel that is not being used by the individual Parts in the Performance.

7. Send a program change on the selected control channel from your sequencer.

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