VS-880, VS-880EX: VS-880/880EX CD Recording FAQs

What if I recorded my song using a sample rate other than 44.1 kHz?
If for some reason you are working with material recorded at a different sample rate than 44.1kHz, you have a few options: Re-record your project, making sure you create a 44.1k song, or use a sample rate converter. Dub the stereo mix of your song using the analog stereo outputs into another VS-880/880EX (44.1kHz, MAS Mode). Or, dub the stereo mix of your song using the digital stereo outputs into another VS-880/880EX going through a sample rate converter.

Can I play a partially recorded CD back in my home CD player?
No. It needs to be finalized before a regular CD player will read it. You can however use the VS-880/880EX CD-R as a CD player to listen to a partially recorded CD.

How do I determine where the track numbers will be on the CD?
Use SONG+TAP to place a marker which will be converted to a CD track number.

What if I goof while writing a track number using SONG+TAP?
Just press CLEAR+SONG+TAP to erase that CD marker.

How do I check the location of my track numbers before I record the CD?
Use SONG+NEXT or SONG+PREVIOUS to locate to each of your CD track markers. Press PLAY to hear the beginning of the music at that location.

Is there a limit to the length (time) of my CD?
A CD can hold either 74 or 80 minutes of stereo audio (check your particular brand of CD). The minimum track length is 4 seconds.

Can I write CD index numbers on my CD?
No. Index numbers are not supported.

Can I record live direct to CD?
No. The audio must exist on the VS-880/880EX hard drive before it can be transferred to the CD. The solution would be to record a live performance directly to Tracks 7 and 8. You can set up CD track numbers by pressing SONG+TAP in real-time during the performance. Immediately following the recording, you can then proceed with the CD-R Write function.

Can I use the CD-R as an archiving device to backup my song data?
Yes. You can archive to the CD Recorder by using the CD-R backup function.

Last year I bought a SCSI CD Recorder. Can I use this on the VS-880/880EX ?
No. The only CD Recorder the VS-880/880EX will interface with is the VS-CDR/CDRII/CDR 3 available from Roland.

Can I use my VS-CDR on my computer?
Yes. You can use it on a Mac with a SCSI port, or on a PC with a SCSI Adapter card installed. Software for both Mac and PC operation is provided with the VS-CDR/CDRII/CDR 3 package.
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