VS-1680: Applying Effects to the Playback

When playing back a song, you can have effects such as reverb and delay applied
to the sound. Use the following procedure:

1) Press PLAY (DISPLAY).
2) Hold down SHIFT and press F3 (EFFECT A).
3) Press F1 (EFX1).
4) Select the effect. Press F2 (Sel). The effect list will appear in the
5) Use the TIME / VALUE DIAL to move the cursor to the effect you wish to use.
6) After selecting the effect, press F4 (Exec).
7) Press a Track Channel SELECT button.
8) Press F1 (EFX1). If "EFX1" does not appear in F1, first press PAGE until
"EFX1" is displayed, then press F1 (EFX1).
9) Use the TIME / VALUE DIAL to turn the effect on and off. Here, select
"pst" (post-fader) to apply effect to the sound after the output of the
channel fader.
10) Press PLAY (DISPLAY).
11) Press PLAY to begin playback of the song.
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