D-70: Disabling Program Change Transmission

Use the following procedure to disable Program Change transmission:

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press F5 [SYSTEM] to enter the System Menu.


4. Use the BANK [1-8] and NUMBER [1-8] buttons to select a Performanc.

5. Press EDIT.

6. Press F1 [PERFORMANCE].

7. Press F4 [MIDI] twice to display the "MIDI PALETTE" screen.

8. Use the CURSOR buttons and the DEC/INC buttons to assign all active zones to Program Change "OFF."

Use the following procedure to write your Performance:

1. Press WRITE.

2. Use the BANK 1-8 and NUMBER 1-8 buttons to select a location.

3. Press WRITE.

4. Press ENTER.

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