JP-8000: Synchronizing the Arpeggio

Use the following procedure to set the Arpeggio, Pattern, or Motion so that it
will play at the same tempo as the playback of an external MIDI device:

1) Hold SHIFT and press 5 for MIDI SW.
2) Press 5 until MIDI Sync appears on the display.
3) Use Bank Value Up/Down buttons to turn it ON.

[1] Be sure the external device is set so it will transmit MIDI Clock messages.

[2] Adjusting the tempo of the external MIDI device will now change the tempo
of the Arpeggiator, Pattern and Motion accordingly.

[3] Some MIDI devices do not transmit MIDI Clock messages unless they are
recording or playing back. In such cases, Arpeggio synchronization will not be
possible unless the external MIDI device is recording or playing back.

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