VS-1680: Applying an Insert Effect While Recording

Here�s an example of connecting an electric guitar to the GUITAR (Hi-Z) jack,
adding effects with the VS8F-2 and recording it to Track 8. Use the following

1) Connect your electric guitar to the GUITAR (Hi-Z) jack.
3) Hold down SHIFT and press F3 (EFFECT A). The Effect A menu appears in the
display. If the Effect A menu does not appear, press F6 (EXIT).
4) Press F1 (EFX1).
5) Select the effect. Press F2 (Sel).
6) Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to move the cursor to the effect you wish to use.
7) After selecting the effect, press F4 (Exec).
8) Press the Input Channel 8 SELECT button.
9) Press F1 (Ef1In). If "Ef1In" does not appear in F1, first press PAGE until
"Ef1In" is displayed, then press F1 (Ef1In).
10) Press YES.
11) Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to select the method of inserting Effect 1. Here,
select "Ins."
12) Now it is set up. Press PLAY (DISPLAY).
13) Hold down REC and press the Track 8 STATUS button.
14) Press REC. The button indicator blinks red.
15) Press PLAY. The button indicator lights green and recording starts. Now
begin playing.
16) When you have finished the performance, press STOP.
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