VS-840, VS-840EX, VS-840GX: Updating a VS-840/EX/GX via Zip Disk

Use the following procedure to upgrade a VS-840/EX/GX to a newer version of software via a System Data Zip Disk:

1. Insert the latest System Data Zip Disk while the VS-840/EX/GX is powered OFF.

2. Power on the VS-840/EX/GX.

3. The message "Version up?" appears in the LCD screen. Press the YES button.

4. The update System Data will be loaded from the disk and then the disk will be ejected.

5. When the message "Are you sure?" appears, press the YES button to verify the Upgrade procedure.

6. The LCD will display the message "System Write" indicating the update procedure is working.

7. When the LCD displays the "End!!! Please POWER OFF/ON" message, power off the VS-840/EX/GX.

8. The update procedure is now complete. Power ON the unit to use the VS-840/VS-840EX with the newly updated software.
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