EM-50: Programming the D-Beam

Use the following procedure to program the D-Beam:

  1. Press the ONE TOUCH PROGRAM button and select Style #76 in the MUSIC STYLE / USER PROGRAM section.
  2. Press and hold the D BEAM ON button, you will see [D BeamCtr] in the screen.
  3. Use the MENU buttons to select one of the 21 different choices available. Example: #8 (Refer to page 47 & 48 in the Owner's Manual).
  4. Press the ENTER button and then the CANCEL button.
  5. Use the MENU! buttons to select TONE in the screen.
  6. Select a Sound / Tone in UPPER 2. Example: #A67.
  7. Play a chord to the left side of middle C on the keyboard.
  8. Press the DBEAM button On and move your hand over the Dbeam Controller.

2-Pitch Bend Up
3-Pitch Bend Down
4-Cut&Reso Up
5-Cut&Reso Down
6,7,8-Arpeg 1/2/3 Octv
9,10,11-Chord 1/2/3 Octv
12/13-Tempo Up/Down
14-Arr. Start.Stop
15-Fill To Var/Or
16-Adrum On/Off
17-Abass On/Off,
18-Accomp On/Off
19-AB&Adr On/Off
20-Acc&Abs On/Off
21-Acc&Adr On/Off

Note: The Sound/Tone for the Dbeam Ctr are selected
from Upper 2. Also, # 4 & 5 are for UPPER 1 & 2 ONLY

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