BR-532: Exporting Tracks to a Computer as WAV Files

To transfer files from the BR-532 to the computer via the SmartMedia card, the computer will need to have a SmartMedia card reader connected to it. Usually, this is an inexpensive USB device that can be purchased at consumer electronics stores. You may download the BR Wav Converter software by clicking on a link below:

BR WAV Converter Windows

BR WAV Converter Mac


  • Due to the age of the product, the BR Wave Converter software for the BR-532 is compatible with no later than Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.
  • The newer BR WAV Converter Software Version 3 is not compatible with the BR-532.

The software only converts two tracks at a time. Therefore, if converting to .wav to burn an audio CD, first bounce tracks down to two tracks on the BR-532.

1. Once downloaded, install the BR-532 .WAV Converter software onto the computer. There should be a .pdf file for reference on how to use the software.
2. Install the drivers for the SmartMedia card reader and reboot the computer.
3. Take the card out of the BR-532 and insert it into the SmartMedia card reader.
4. Launch the BR-532 .WAV Converter software and select the media drive for the SmartMedia card reader by clicking on the down arrow.
5. Click on the tracks in the grid that need to be converted.
6. Click on the BR-Track to Wave button. The BR files are then converted to .wav

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