BR-1600CD, BR-1600: Transferring Tracks to a Computer (Track Export)

You can transfer any recorded track(s) to your computer as WAV (for Windows) or AIFF (for Mac) files to be used with your favorite audio software. The Track Export function will convert the just raw audio files from a BR-1600CD song into WAV or AIFF.
Here's how:

Note: If you would like to export all of your tracks together as one stereo file, bounce your tracks first.

1. Connect the BR-1600CD to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Press UTILITY.

3. Press the CURSOR left or right buttons to select the USB icon and then press ENTER.

4. Press CURSOR left or right to select the EXPORT icon and then press ENTER - "Save Current" appears in the display.

5. Press ENTER to save the current recording.

6. Use the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to select the track (and its V.Track) that you would like to export to your computer. For example: If you would like to export track 1 and have not changed any V.Tracks, select "1-1" (Track 1 – V.Track 1) as the SOURCE.

Note 1: If you would like to export all recorded tracks within the current song file, turn the TIME/VALUE dial clockwise until the SOURCE reads "*-*".

Note 2: If you would like to export tracks as stereo (e.g. your bounced tracks), select the track combination 1/2 through 15/16. For example: if you have bounced to tracks 9/10-1 (Track 9/10 – V.Track 1).

8. If you would like to export another track, move the cursor to "1:" and then turn the TIME/VALUE dial to "2:" and select an additional track. Repeat this for as many tracks as desired.

7. Press F4 (GO). Conversion of the track(s) begins and the BR-1600CD will eventually connect to your computer. This may take a few moments.

Mac OS X:
Double click on the "BR-1600CD" (or "Removable Disk") icon that is added to your computer's desktop and the move on to step 11 below.

  - Click on the Windows icon (or "START" icon).

- Click on ""Computer" (or "My Computer"
- Click on the "BR-1600CD" icon (or "removable disc") icon in the "Devices with Removable Storage" area.

9. Scroll down the window and then click on the USB folder (towards the bottom of the window).

10. The WAV file(s) will appear in the window.

11. Left-click and hold the left-click one or more audio files, drag the file(s) onto your computer's desktop and then release the left-click. The audio file(s) will be copied onto the computer's desktop.

12. Press EXIT on the BR-1600CD. "Disconnect USB OK?" appears on the BR-1600CD.

13. Press ENTER.

The WAV or AIFF audio files can now be loaded directly into audio software.

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