RM-700: Locking the Style Tempo on the RM-700

Each RM-700 style has its own tempo which is suitable for that particular type of music. When switching between styles, the RM-700 will automatically change tempos to match the newly selected style. There may be times when you wish the tempo to remain constant while switching between styles. Use the following procedure to lock the RM-700 tempo when switching between different styles:

1. Press the MENU button so it is lit.

2. Touch "Settings" on the touch screen.

NOTE: The Settings Menu contains five screen pages.
Touch the LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons to switch between pages.

3. Touch "Rhythm One Touch."

4. On the RHYTHM ONE TOUCH menu, touch the -/+ to set the "SUITABLE TEMPO" to OFF.

5. Press the EXIT button to return to the main display.

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