R-09: Secure Digital (SD) Card Compatibility Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines to help choose a compatible SD card for the R-09:

The SD card size that used depends on the current software version that your R-09 has. To view the current version, turn on the power. As the R-09 is booting up, the version appears in the lower left corner of the display.

If needed, the R-09 can be updated from the following link:

Memory Capacity:
Version 1.31
64MB - 32GB capacity
NOTE: Although a 32GB SD card can be used, the R-09 will be able to use no more than 16GB of the card. This means that the other 16GB on the 32GB SD card will be unusable.

Version 1.30
64MB - 8GB capacity

Version 1.20
64MB 4GB capacity

Secure Digital (SD):
64MB - 2GB Standard SD memory (any standard speed)
2GB - 32GB SDHC (Class 2, Class 4, or Class 6 is recommended)

Using Major brands like Toshiba, Sandisk, Panasonic, Kingston, and Lexar is recommended.

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