BR-1600CD, BR-1600: Backing Up Songs to a Computer

The Song Backup function creates a copy of all parameter settings within a song (e.g. effect, fader level, pan, settings) as well as all of the recorded audio track data within the song. Use the following steps to back up your projects to a computer.

Note: These Song Backup files are proprietary and meant to be loaded back into only a BR-1600CD. If track files are needed to load into audio software or another recorder, the Track Export function can be used:

Song Backup

1. Connect the BR-1600CD and a computer with a standard A/B USB cable.

2. Press the BR-1600CD's UTILITY button.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "USB" onscreen, and then press ENTER.

4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "BACKUP" onscreen, and then press ENTER. The BR-1600CD begins to communicate with your computer. When a connection with the computer has been established, the message changes to “Copy Song/Data Files to computer.”

5. If you're using:

    • Windows—a window appears on your computer with the files and folders from the BR-1600CD's hard drive. If this window does not appear, click select "My Computer" from the Start menu. The BR-1600CD (or "Removable Disk") icon will be in Devices with Removable Storage.
    • Mac OS X—double-click on the "BR-1600CD" (or "Removable Disk") icon that's added to your computer's desktop.

6. Select ALL of the files and folders in the BR-1600CD's hard drive and copy them to your computer:

Caution: Do not change the names or locations of any files or folders. Doing so will cause the backup to be non-recoverable.

7. As soon as the file transfer is complete, press EXIT on the BR-1600CD—"Disconnect USB OK?" appears on the BR-1600CD.

8. Press ENTER.

Note: To recover a backup, the following article guides through this:

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