TD-9: TD-9 Version 2.0 Update Information

In June of 2011, Roland released firmware Version 2.0 for the TD-9. All TD-9 modules can be updated to this new version.

Note: All owners of the TD-9K2 or TD-9KX2 sets already have Version 2.0 installed.

Version 2.0 adds the following features:

  • 30 new kick and snare instruments, increasing the TD-9's internal sounds from 522 to 552. 
  • 40 additional kits, increasing the TD-9's internal kit memory from 50 to 99. 

Note: With Version 2.0, Kits 1-40 are all new factory kits, and Kits 41-91 are the original TD-9 factory kits. Kits 92-99 are named "User Kit." Even though these kits are defined as User Kits, all 99 internal kits can be customized to your liking.

  • Adds MP3 playback (via USB memory key) capability to the already available .WAV playback feature in the original TD-9.
  • Adds updated trigger settings for the KD-9, PDX-6, CY-12C, and CY-13R pads.
If you'd like to have Version 2.0 installed, call our Customer Service department @ 323-890-3700. They will provide you with an RA# (Return Authorization) and detailed instructions on how to send in your TD-9 module to have the upgrade done.
The price for the upgrade is $50.00 which includes return shipping.   
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