SP-404: Importing WAV/AIFF Files From a Computer

1. Format a Compact Flash card with the SP-404.

2. Insert the formatted card into a card reader connected to your computer.

3. Go to your computer. If any windows pop up, close them. On Macs, "FUGUEFAT" will show up as a drive on your desktop. On PCs, it will appear in your "My Computer" folder.

4. Drag your .WAV or AIFF files (8 or 16-bit, 44.1kHz ONLY) directly into the FUGUEFAT folder.

5. Eject the SP-404 drive from your computer. On Macs, drag the drive to the trash. On PCs, click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

6. Insert the card back into the SP-404.

7. On the SP-404, make sure [PATTERN SELECT] is not lit.

8. While holding [CANCEL], press [RESAMPLE]. "FiL" will appear in the display.

9. Press [REC]. "iNP" appears in the display and the pads will start flashing.

10. Press one of the BANK buttons to select the destination bank. Press the import destination pad. [REC] will start flashing.

11. Press [REC]. When the dots in the display stop flashing, your import is complete.
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