BR-864, BR-600, BR-900CD, BR-900: Compact Flash (CF) Card Compatibility Guidelines

The following is a list of Compact Flash card guidelines for the BR-864, BR-900CD and BR-600:

  • TYPE: Compact Flash Type 1
  • SIZE: 32MB - 1GB capacity. Cards larger than 1GB are not compatible and will not work.
  • QUALITY: Using major brands such as Sandisk, Panasonic, Kingston and Lexar is preferred.
  • SPEED: Use slow speed cards only that are 40X speed or slower and/or 6 MB per second transfer rate or slower. Faster cards will not work.

Where to Find CF Cards:

  • Since Compact Flash card manufacturers stopped producing these types of slow speed 1GB cards years ago, we no longer have direct resources for where to purchase them. They are generally no longer on store shelves and consumers from all industries are finding them increasingly difficult to acquire.
  • Trying searching online. In the past, a good source for ordering a slow speed CF card was:

Do not use cards that are considered "Hi Speed" or that are labeled "Ultra" or "Extreme"--these cards are not compatible. If the speed specification information is not listed in the product information, contact the seller of the card in order to acquire this information--even if the card contains a "BOSS" logo.

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