G-1000: Style Disk Loading

The G-1000 has a built-in arranger which can load additional Styles from MSD
and MSA Style Disks. Use the following procedure to load Styles from a floppy

1) Insert a floppy disk containing Styles into the floppy drive.
2) If necessary, press F5 [Exit] to return to the MASTER display.
3) Press F5 [Disk].
4) Press M DRUMS [DEVICE].
5) Turn BASS BANK [SELECT] to select "FDD 1.4 M."
6) Press UPPER 1 [CHANGE].
7) Press F4 [Disk].
8) Use PAGE ^ / v to display "STYLE."
9) Turn ACCOMP GROUP [SELECT] to display the Style you wish to load.
10) Press UPPER 1 [EXECUTE] to load the Style you have selected.
11) Press F5 [Exit] to return to the Master display.

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