VS-2000CD, VS-2400CD, VS-2480: Recorder Locks Up when Loading or Saving

If your VS recorder locks when loading, the data stored on the hard drive may have become corrupted. As a possible remedy for this problem there are two options.

Option A: Send the hard drive in for Data Recovery

If there are projects on the VS that you don't want to lose, and for which you don't have backups, the VS recorder's hard drive can be sent into our service department for Data Recovery. Use the following link to setup an RA (Return Authorization) for Data Recovery:

Option B: Format the Hard Drive

Caution!!! Formatting your drive will erase/delete all of the songs on your VS recorder. If it's vital that your songs not be erased, use Option A above.

If your recorder won't finish starting up when it's turned on, use this special boot-up method to start up so you can format your hard drive.

  • VS-2400/2480— Hold down the TRACK STATUS and CH EDIT buttons for Track 4. Continue to hold these buttons down as you turn on your machine until the VS finishes starting up.
  • VS-2000— Hold down the TRACK STATUS button for Track 4 along with the FX2 button above Track 4. Continue to hold these buttons down until the VS finishes starting up.

Once your VS has started up:

1. Go into your Project menu. (If you have a VGA monitor, select "Project List" from the Project menu.)

2. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial so "IDE:0" is selected.

3. Press the PAGE button three times so you're on the Page 4 tab shown at the bottom of the screen.

4. Press F2 (FmtDrv) and the Format Drive screen appears.

5. In the Partition Size box, make sure "10GB" has a checkmark next to it.

6. In the Physical Format box, checkmark "ON."

7. In the Surface Scan box, checkmark "ON."

8. Press F6 (OK).

9. Press ENTER/YES.

10. Press ENTER/YES again.

11. If the message "Protected Project Found" appears, press ENTER/YES to continue.

Note: It may take up to eight hours to format the drive, but when it's done, you can use your VS normally.

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