BR-80: Exporting Tracks using the BR WAV Converter Software

Note: This article refers to the 2011 MICRO BR® BR-80 Digital Recorder. If you're looking for information on the BOSS MICRO BR® Digital Recorder that was released in 2006, please click this link:

The BR WAV Converter software provides a way to convert tracks from your BR-80 into .WAV files that can be used on your computer. Here’s how to use the software. You may download the software by clicking on the link below:

BR WAV Converter (Windows)

BR WAV Converter (Mac 10.15)

BR WAV Converter (Mac)

Exporting from the BR-80 to Your Computer

1. On the BR-80, press the MENU button.

2. Press the cursor buttons to select "FUNCTION" and then press ENTER.

3. Press the cursor buttons to select "USB" and then press ENTER.

4. Turn the dial to select "STORAGE" and then press ENTER twice.

5. Turn off the BR-80's power, and then back on again. The BR-80's USB mode is now set to "Storage."

6. Use a USB cable to connect the BR-80 to your computer.

Note: In the Windows operating system, the BR-80 may appear on your computer with an external drive letter - (For example; E: or F:). You can close any windows that open automatically, but you’ll need to know this drive letter in Step 8 below.

7. Launch the BR WAV converter software by double clicking the "BRWC" icon on your computer.

Note: The BRWC software is provided as a .zip or .sit file you'll need to extract it before using it.

8. Once the BR WAV converter program is open, use the Drive menu at the top left of the screen to select the BR-80 drive you identified in Step 6.

9. Select the song you wish to work with from the Song menu.

Note: Green squares appear on a grid that shows you the V-Tracks in your song.

The horizontal columns—from left to right—represent the Tracks:

The vertical columns—from top to bottom—represent the V.Tracks:

Note: Each of the green squares in the image above represents V-Track 1 for each Track 1 through Track 8. 

10. If you wish to export an odd/even pair of tracks in stereo, link them by clicking the L/R button at the bottom of their column. For example: If you mastered your song to TR78-VMST, you would click the L/R button on the bottom of Columns 7 and 8.

11. Click the track(s) you wish to export — their color changes to orange.

Tip: You can also click the "ALL" button to select all tracks for exporting.

12. Click EXPORT and then GO at the bottom left-hand corner.

13. Select the destination folder. If you’re unsure where to save your exported file(s), choose "DESKTOP."

14. Type a file name of your choice into the FILENAME box, and then click SAVE. (If you're exporting multiple V-Tracks, they'll share this name in addition to their individual track and V-Track numbers.)

15. You can now drag the .WAV files directly into tracks in audio software (Sonar, Pro Tools, Logic, etc.) or use the .WAV file(s) as needed.

16. Quit the BR Wav Converter software by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner.

17. Stop the connection between the BR-80 and your computer:
Windows Users -
From the Windows Start menu, click on “Computer.” Right-click the “BOSS_BR-80” icon (or the “Removable disk (*:)” icon), and then click on “Eject.”

Mac OS Users
Drag the “BR-80” icon to the “Eject” ("Trash") icon.

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