TD-30KV, TD-30KV: Calibrating the VH-13

The VH-13 Hi-hat's open/close range is called "Offset" in the TD-30. Offset is a crucial adjustment that should be done periodically so the VH-13 functions correctly. Here's how to adjust the Hi-hat Offset in the TD-30.

1. On the VH-13,  loosen the clutch on the top hi-hat pad and lower it so it rests on the bottom pad. 

2. Press and hold the KIT button and then press TRIGGER - the trigger button will flash momentarily and "Now Processing..." appears in the display. After a few seconds, "Complete!" appears and the display returns to the main kit menu.  

3. Readjust and tighten the hi-hat clutch.

Tip: If desired, you can further adjust and customize the Offset settings and other Hi-hat parameters to match your playing style. Refer to pages 128-129 in the TD-30 manual.

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