BK-7M: Understanding the Wizard Connection

Each time you turn on the BK-7m it will display the Wizard Connection menu. If you have previously used the Wizard to customize the BK-7m for your instrument, simply wait a few second until the Wizard menu is replaced by the main menu. All of your previously saved Wizard settings have now been loaded and you are ready to begin.

If you are using the BK-7m for the first time, please turn to page 22 of your BK-7M Owner's Manual and follow the steps for the kind of instrument you are connecting to the BK-7m. Once you have finished making the proper settings, you will see a menu that states:

"Wizard Settings will be saved"

At this point, be sure to PUSH the VALUE DIAL to confirm your personalized settings.

"Executing" will appear briefly in the display indicating that your custom settings are being saved to the internal memory.

You are now ready to begin using your BK-7m.

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