VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD: How to Connect to a Computer

To pass audio from a VS-2480 to a computer, there are two options:


The VS-2480CD does not have computer integration and cannot be connected directly to a computer. To pass audio to a computer, you will need to connect the analog audio output(s) of the VS-2480CD into an audio interface that is compatible with your computer's current operating system.

If you don't have an audio interface, you may view Roland's latest audio interface line of products by clicking on the link below:

Roland Audio Interfaces



  • The SCSI port on the back panel is designed to connect to external drives and cannot be used to connect to a computer.

  • There are no longer products in production that allow for R-BUS connectivity to a computer.



Most computer-based recording software (e.g. Cakewalk’s Sonar, ProTools, Logic or Cubase) can import WAV audio files. The Track Export function can be used to export the VS-2480's recorded audio tracks to these software programs as WAV files onto CDs. The following article will guide you through this procedure:

VS-2480 Track Export

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