VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD: How to Connect an External Harddrive

A SCSI to IDE bridge may be used to house a compatible VS-formatted IDE drive. This will enable the IDE drive to act as an external SCSI hard drive; the IBM Deskstar series was the recommended model during the VS-2480's time of production. The VS-2480 is compatible no larger than 120GB 3.5 inch IDE hard drives.

A compatible SCSI to IDE bridge was the Acard Technologies ARS-2000UB Bridge Smart (www.megahaus.com). There was also a SCSI to SATA bridge by the Song Vault (http://vs-song-vault.ungo.net); however, both of these external drives are out of production and no longer available. Your best option would be to look into the used market for a compatible SCSI to IDE bridge (e.g. eBay, Craig's List, etc). We no longer have resources for purchasable and/or compatible external SCSI to IDE bridges and we cannot guarantee compatibility with current bridges. You may also view the VS-Series Compatibility Guide at the link below. Note: this guide was written during the VS recorder's time of production and manufacturers may no longer have these products available or the specifications may have changed:

VS-Series Compatibility Guide

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