R-MIX: How to Convert Audio Files into WAV/AIFF Files for Importing

R-MIX is capable of importing industry standard WAV and AIFF audio file formats. If the audio files that you are attempting to import do not appear in the Import window, software will be needed (e.g. iTunes) to convert the audio files into a format that R-MIX can use.

                                                 Formats supported by R-MIX:


                                                 (*1) AIFF format is supported for Mac OS users.

Note: As each manufacturer's software differs from version to version, please refer to the software's current manual or online help for proper conversion procedures.

iTunes 11 File Conversion

  1. Open iTunes Preferences.
    Windows: Select
    Edit and then click on "Preferences".
    Mac: Select
    iTunes and then click on "Preferences".

  2. Select the "General" icon on the top of the General Preferences window.

  3. Click on "Import Settings".

  4. From the Import Using pop-up menu, select "WAV Encoder" or "AIFF Encoder".

  5. From the Setting pop-up menu, select "Custom..."

  6. Set the Sample Rate, Sample Size and Channels to the desired format.

  7. Note: Refer to the "Formats supported by R-MIX" diagram above.

  8. Click on OK in the Encoder window.

  9. Click on OK in the Import Settings window.

  10. Click on OK in the General Preferences window.

  11. Select one or more songs in your iTunes library.

  12. Right-click on the selected song(s). A window will appear offering additional functions.

  13. Click on "Create WAV Version" or "Create AIFF Version".

  14. A converted copy of the song file will be created and placed into your iTunes Library based on your iTunes preferences.
    Note: Converted files will also appear in your song library and may be dragged to the desktop.

  15. You may now follow the instructions for importing an audio file into R-MIX by clicking here.
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