SP-404SX: Exporting Samples

Data sampled by the SP-404SX is saved on the SD card as either WAV or AIFF formatted files, and you can use a commercially available card reader to copy the samples of the SD card to your computer for use in other applications.

Specifying the format used by the SP-404SX to save samples:

  1. Hold down the RESAMPLE button and turn on the power.
  2. Press the PATTERN SELECT button to switch between WAV and AIFF. Either “U A U ” (WAV) or “A i F ” (AIFF) appears in the display when you press this button, showing you the current selection.
  3. Press the RESAMPLE button to confirm your choice of file type.

How Samples are displayed

The samples (WAV/AIFF) are located in the following folder of the SD card:


When you use your computer to view the contents of the above folder, you’ll see the file names of the samples as follows


The letter at the beginning of the file name indicates the bank name, and the number indicates the pad name. For example, B0000003.WAV is the sample for pad 3 of bank B.

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