How To Convert Audio Files for Importing

The following article will guide through converting an audio file into a format that is compatible with a Roland or BOSS product using Apple's iTunes software. You may download iTunes from  Please check the owner's manual of your Roland or BOSS product for information regarding audio file formats that are compatible for importing.

iTunes 10 Audio File Conversion
If using a different version of iTunes than version 10, check the iTunes manual or contact Apple for conversion instructions.


  1. Open iTunes Preferences:

    Windows: Select Edit and then click on "Preferences".

    Mac OS X: Select iTunes and then click on "Preferences".

  2. Select the "General" icon on the top of the General Preferences window.

  3. Click on "Import Settings".

  4. From the Import Using pop-up menu, select the file format that you would like to convert the file to. For example: "WAV Encoder" or "MP3 Encoder".
    Note: Refer to your Roland or BOSS product's owner's manual for importable file format information.

  5. From the Setting pop-up menu, select "Custom..."

  6. Set the Sample Rate, Sample Size and Channels to the desired format.

  7. Click on OK in the Encoder window.

  8. Click on OK in the Import Settings window.

  9. Click on OK in the General Preferences window.

  10. Open your iTunes Song List by clicking on Music in the “LIBRARY” section and then click on Songs.

  11. If the audio file that you are converting is not already in the Song List, drag the audio file into the iTunes Song List window. For example: if the file is located on your desktop, drag the file from your desktop directly into the iTunes Song List.
  12. Right-click on the song that you would like to convert. A window will appear offering additional functions.

  13. Click on the “Create…Version” to convert the file to the format that you selected in Step 4. For example: "Create WAV Version" or "Create MP3 Version".

  14. A converted copy of the song file will be created and placed into your iTunes Song List.

  15. Drag the newly converted audio file onto your desktop. You may now follow the steps in your Roland or BOSS owner's manual for importing this audio file from your desktop.

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