SP-404SX: Importing Samples

You can import WAVE and AIFF files to the SP-404SX via SD card and assign them to pads.

NOTE: By using the SP-404SX Wave Converter software, you can easily import WAVE files from your computer For details, refer to “Importing Wave Files from Your Computer” in the SP-404SX Owner's Manual (page 22).

  1. Using your computer, copy the sample file (WAV/AIFF) into the SD card’s “ROLAND/IMPORT” folder.
  2. Insert the SD card into the SP-404SX, then switch on power to the SP-404SX.
  3. Make sure that the PATTERN SELECT button is not lit.
  4. Hold down the FUNC button and press Pad 3 (IMPORT). The display will indicate “i N P ” (File Import), the REC button will light, and Pads 1–12 will blink.
  5. Press one of the BANK buttons to select the import-destination sample bank. If you specify a bank that is protected, the display will indicate “P r t ” (Protected), and you won’t be able to import the file.
  6. Select the import-destination pad. The pad you select will light, and the other pads will stop blinking. The REC button will also blink. If a sample is assigned to the selected pad (or subsequent pads if you selected more than one pad), it will be overwritten.
  7. Press the REC button so the button is lit. The import process will begin and the dot in the display will blink. When the blinking dot has disappeared, the import process has been completed.


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