SP-404SX: Formatting an SD Card

Use the following procedure to format a SD card in the SP-404SX.

• When you format an SD card, all data on that card will be erased
• Do not format the SD card included with the SP-404SX!
The included SD card contains preload data All of this data will be lost if you format the included SD card.


  1. While holding down the CANCEL button, press the REMAIN button. The BANK buttons will blink, and the display will indicate “F N t ”
  2. Press any one of the BANK buttons. The BANK buttons will change from blinking to lit, and the DEL button will blink. If you decide not to format the card, press the CANCEL button.
  3. Press the DEL button. The DEL button will light, and formatting will begin. During the formatting process, the dot in the display will blink. When the blinking stops, formatting is complete.

• Never turn off the power while the dot is blinking Doing so may damage the SD card, rendering it unusable.
• Don’t modify or delete the files or folders that are created when an SD card is formatted The SP-404SX will not recognize the card correctly if you do so.


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