OCTAPAD® SPD-30: Saving a Phrase to an External USB Memory Drive

It's possible to save a Phrase that you've created in the SPD-30 to an external USB memory drive. Doing this helps free up the SPD-30's internal memory to create more phrases, and is also handy in case you mistakenly delete a phrase or perform a factory reset. If that were to happen, you'd be able to load the phrase back into the SPD-30 from the USB memory.

Here's how to save a Phrase to a USB memory drive: 

1. Insert the USB memory drive into the SPD-30's memory port.

2. Press MENU, and then turn the function 1 knob to highlight "LIST."

3. Press the function 3 button (ENTER).

4. Turn the function one knob to choose the phrase that you'd like to save.

5. Press function 3 (STANDBY).

6. Press the QUICK button. 

7. Turn function 2 to choose "Save Phrase..".

8. Press function 3 (OK).

9. Press Function 1 (TO USB). 

10. Turn function 1 to select the location that you want to save the phrase to (01-99).

11. Press function 3 (SAVE).

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