BK-7M: Controlling user tones with the V-accordion

If you have successfully connected your V-accordion to the BK-7m using the wizard, but are struggling to hear/control the BK-7M user tones, follow this troubleshooting guide:

1) Have you selected the user tones on the BK-7m, so that the corresponding button is lit up? In order to activate the tones on the BK-7M, you have to manually select which ones you want to sound directly on the unit (UP1, UP2, LWR, and/or MBS). 

2) Where is the "balance knob" on the BK-7M turned towards? Make sure it's not turned all the way toward "backing", or else you won't hear the FR-8X user tones come through. If you turn that knob more in the direction of "part", you should hear the BK-7M tones come through. 

3) If you don't want the voices on the V-accordion to sound at all, turn the volume on your accordion all the way off, so that the only sound is coming from the BK-7M. 

4) If the BK-7M tones are still too soft, you can manually adjust the volume of individual orchestral voices on the BK-7M. You can do that by following this procedure*: 
1) Press the Menu button 
2) Scroll to "Performance Edit" and push the cursor to enter the parameter 
3) Scroll to "Tone Part View", and push the cursor in to enter 
4) Use the cursor dial to select the real-time part you want to edit (MBS, LWR, UP2, or UP1). 
5) Scroll down to volume and press the cursor to highlight. Adjust the volume to your preference, and press exit to leave the parameter.

*If you want to save these settings so that they become the default setting, (therefore the BK-7m will power on with these new settings every time) follow this procedure after you've edited the performance edit parameters and before powering off*: 
1) Press the Menu button 
2) Scroll to "Performance edit" and push the cursor to enter the parameter 
3) Scroll to "Save as Default" and push the cursor to enter the parameter 
4) Rotate the cursor dial to select "Yes", and then press the dial to confirm all of your new settings.


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