FR-8X: How to record onto a USB flash memory

How to record onto a USB flash memory

The Fr-8X comes with a built-in audio recorder, making it a breeze to capture and share your music.

To use the recorder, you need to prep with a couple steps:

1) Plug a USB flash memory in the FR-8X, so that your audio will be recorded directly onto your USB.  

2) Prepare your accordion so that it is set up with all of the desired sounds, drums, effects, etc. that you want to use in the recording.  

3) Simply press the record button on the front panel of the accordion. It will automatically start recording, and you will see a red dot appear on the top left hand part of your screen with a running number that indicates how long your recording is.

4) After you’ve finished your piece and are ready to stop recording, simply press the record button again, and it will stop.  

5) The FR-8X will then prompt you to name the recording, and will ask if you want to save it or not.  Once you’ve named and saved it, the recording will be in WAV format on your USB flash memory, and ready to be transferred easily to a computer for sharing.

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