FR-1X: How to create a user program

User programs allow you to save various settings to one register, so that you can recall them all with the touch of a button instantly.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see a list of the settings that are saved when you create a user program.


Please use the following procedure to create a user program:

1) Select all of your desired settings; tones, drums, etc.

2) Press and hold the [USER PROGRAM] button to select write mode (the display will show a flashing "U")

3) Press the treble register ([1]~[4]) that is assigned to the User Program memory where you want to save your settings.*

     * There are 2 user program memories available for each register.  To access the    second memory slot, press the register twice.

4) Press the [SET] register to save your settings in the User Program memory you selected in step 3 above.

5) Press the [USER PROGRAM] button again to leave this mode.



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