TD-25: Calibrating the VH-11

Calibration of the VH-11 hihat system is crucial for optimum trigger results. It's best to calibrate regularly, or if you have taken apart and recently moved the TD-25 kit from one location to another. Here's how:

1. Loosen the hihat clutch (wing nut) and let the VH-11 pad rest on the controller. 

2. Press the Function 3 button (MENU).

3. Press Function 3 again(SETUP).

4. Press Function 3 to highlight "Hi-Hat Setting."

5. Press the ENTER button ("KICK" will be flashing). 

6. If necessary, turn the thumb nut on the clutch clockwise or counterclockwise until the indicator in the TD-25's display is between the two left and right pointing arrows and they are highlighted.  > - <

7. When you're finished, press Function button 3 times to exit to the main menu. The new settings are saved automatically. 

8. Raise, adjust, and then tighten the VH-11's hihat clutch.



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