DUO-CAPTURE EX: Setting Up With GarageBand on Mac OS X

The following article will guide through setting up the DUO-CAPTURE EX to be used with GarageBand software on a Mac OS X computer. 

Note: The DUO-CAPTURE driver must be installed prior to following the setup instructions below. If you have not installed the driver, download and install the driver here.


  • Set the COMPUTER switch on the back of the DUO-CAPTURE EX to either 44.1 or 48. Do not set this switch to TAB.
  • Be sure to connect speakers or headphones directly to the DUO-CAPTURE EX and not to your computer's installed soundcard.

GarageBand Audio I/O Setup:

  1. Connect the DUO-CAPTURE EX to the Mac computer.
  2. Open GarageBand software.
  3. Select Garageband in the menu bar and navigate to Preferences.
  4. Click on the Audio/MIDI tab at the top of the window.
  5. Assign the Audio Input and Audio Output to the DUO-CAPTURE EX (or UA-22).
  6. Close the Preferences menu.


The DUO-CAPTURE EX is not setup to be used with GarageBand. For instructions regarding how to record and/or operate GarageBand, refer to GarageBand's documentation or contact Apple's support for assistance:

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