FR-1X: How to save user programs to a USB flash drive

Once you've created and saved your favorite settings in user programs, you can back those up to a flash drive so that you always have them.


Follow this procedure to save your user programs to a USB flash drive:

1) Insert a USB flash drive into the USB host port on your FR-1X

2) Press and hold down the [SET] register

3) Use treble register [3] or [4] to scroll through the parameters.  Stop when you see “SAv” (Save) on the screen.

4) Use treble register [1] or [2] (VALUE) to see the number of the file where the data will be saved.

5) Press the [USER PROGRAM] (ENTER) button to save the data (The display shows “Urt” (Write), then “don” (Done), after which the FR-1x returns to the main page).

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