OCTA-CAPTURE, UA-1010: How to Turn on Phantom Power

The OCTA-CAPTURE has 8 XLR inputs that each independently supply 48 volt phantom power. This is necessary for condenser mics that require phantom power in order to operate.

NOTE: Phantom power is only supplied to the XLR inputs and is not supplied to the 1/4" inputs.

Turning on Phantom Power:

  1. Press the CHANNEL select button to select the desired channel.
  2. Press the button so that it is illuminated (on).
  3. Repeat these steps for any additional channels that need phantom power.

Note: You must turn off phantom power if the connected device does not require phantom power. Please carefully read the owner’s manual of your dynamic microphone, audio playback device, or other device that does not require phantom power, for details on its specifications.
The OCTA-CAPTURE’s phantom power supply: +48 V DC, 6 mA

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