R-MIX: SYMPTOM: No Output Sound

The following article will guide through troubleshooting in the event that no sound is heard out of R-MIX.

  1. Be sure to setup the sound output of R-MIX so that the computer's soundcard or the connected audio interface is selected:

    • In R-MIX software, click on "Setup" at the top of the screen.
    • Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the "Playback Audio Device" section and select either your computer's soundcard or your connected audio interface.
      Note: If you're using a connected audio interface and it doesn't appear in this section, close down R-MIX and be sure that the audio interface's driver is properly installed and the audio interface is properly connected according to its instructions.
    • Click on "OK".

  2. If using the computer's internal soundcard, check that the computer is not muted, the volume is up and the speakers or headphones are properly connected.

  3. If using an external audio interface,be sure that the volume is up and the speakers or headphones are properly connected.

  4. Be sure that there is an audio file in one of the two tracks in R-MIX. The following article will guide through importing an audio file:
    How to Import Audio Files
  5. Check that the tracks "M" mute buttons are grey (off) and not green (on):

  6. Be sure that the INSIDE LEVEL and/or the OUTSIDE LEVEL faders are up:

  7. Try importing a different audio file than the one currently loaded into R-MIX.
  8. Click on "New Project" on the top left of the window to create a new project. Then, import an audio file and test.
  9. If the problem continues, close down R-MIX and try playing an audio file from another audio software program (such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc). If there is still no sound being output, then R-MIX is not the source of the issue.
    In this case, troubleshoot the internal sound card or external audio interface connected, headphones or speakers.
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