TD-11, TD-11K: Setup for CY-13 Ride

Here's how to setup a CY-13R to be used with the TD-11:

- Connect the "RD" cable to the BOW/EDGE Output on the pad.

- Connect the "CR2" cable to the BOW/BELL output.

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Use the cursor up / down buttons to highlight  the "SYS" icon. 

3. Press Function button 3 (ENTER).

4. Press the cursor down button to choose "Pad Settings," and then press ENTER. 

5. Press button 3 again (TYPE).

6. Hit the CY-13R pad, and then turn the dial to choose "CY 13R" for the Pad Type.

7. When you're finished, press EXIT. The new settings are saved automatically.


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