Juno-DS88 Juno-DS61: Loading Axial Expansion Sound Sets

The Juno-DS88 and Juno-DS61 can install sound expansion sets downloaded from the Axial website (http://axial.roland.com/). Here are the steps for downloading and installing an expansion sound set into the Juno-DS:

  1. Download the EXP expansion sound set from the Axial website. Here is a link to the download page.
  2. Connect a USB memory key to your computer.
  3. Unzip / Decompress the downloaded file, then copy the sound file ("EXPxx.bin") to the root directory of the USB memory key.
  4. Disconnect the USB memory key from your computer, then connect it to the Juno-DS with the power off.
  5. While pressing the NUMERIC button, turn on the power of the Juno-DS. The Wave Update Mode will be activated and the screen will display the wave expansion data (e.g. "EXP-01").
  6. Select the wave expansion data and press ENTER.
  7. When the screen displays "Are you sure?" press ENTER to load the sounds. If you would like to start over, press EXIT.
  8. When the JUNO-DS is loading the sounds, "Writing..." will be displayed on the screen (it will take approximately five minutes to load the sounds). When the JUNO-DS is done loading the sounds, "Complete" will be displayed on the screen.
  9. Power the Juno-DS off, then back on.
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