How do the RGB/Component 15-pin D-sub connectors works on Roland video switchers?

The connector as an input can accept any VESA (i.e., typically computer - like SXGA) format or video format (ie., 480, 720, 1080). Color space setting determines whether component is RGB or YCC (i.e, YCbCr)

Most of our mixers adhere to VESA Display Monitor Timing Version 1.0 Rev11 (see here:

Make sure you are using the correct cable or breakout for the format you are using.

When using RGB/Component as an output:

  • It can do RGBHV or 3-wire component (sync on green).  What it uses depends on what your output format is set to.
  • You can't send VESA signals (like XGA) over component (3-wire).
  • Video formats (like 1080p) can not be sent to a device expecting RGBHV (like a computer monitor).

15-pin is a handy connector that allows both depending on the cable or breakout you use.  For VESA formats, use a 15-pin to 15-pin or 15-pin to RGBHV. For component use 15-pin to 3-wire component or breakout.  (Unless the device also has a 15-pin port like ours that supports both RGBHV and component)

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