AR-200S - I'm trying to operate my AR-200S from Hyperterminal in Windows. How do I send the stx command they talk about in the RS232 manual?

In Hyperterminal, the STX command can be shortcut by sending CTRL+B on your keyboard. If you have Local Type Echo turned on, this will appear as as miley face symbol. You can then type in your command and arguments. For instance, to play Phrase #3, you would type (CTRL+B)PA:A3;(ACK)PL; When you send a proper command, the AR-200S will send back an Acknowledgement (ACK). In Hyperterminal, this a spade symbol. If you type in bad syntax, you'll get and Error code from the AR-200S. This looks like Err. Of course, different RS232 Terminal programs have different shortcuts and symbols. Be sure to check your terminal program's documentation for details.

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