AR-200S - How do I format a Memory Card using the AR-200S?

Unlike the AR-200, the AR-200S has no button-controlled format option, as it has no buttons on the front of the unit. Instead, you format the memory card by sending the FORMAT command through the serial port.

This FAQ will walk you through the process of sending the FORMAT command from a PC using HyperTerminal. Be sure to use a null modem 9-pin serial cable between your PC and AR-200S.

1. From the START menu, select the RUN option.

2. Type hypertrm into the box that appears. (without the quotation marks)

3. Type a name for your connection. It really doesn't matter what you choose. You just have to call it something. Then click the OK button.

4.Next you will be presented with the CONNECT TO window. From the CONNECT USING drop down menu, select the COM PORT where the AR-200S is connected and click the OK button.

5. Use the port settiongs shown here. Bits per second = 9600 Data Bits = 8 Parity = None Stop Bits = 1 Flow Control = Xon/Xoff Click the OK Button

6.From the FILE menu, select Properties, then Settings, then ASCII setup. Check the box to Echo typed characters locally and click the OK button.

7. Put the unformatted card in the AR-200S's card slot. Hyperterminal should provide you with a message that looks kind of like this: (smiley face)CC:1,0;(smiley face)ER:21; This is telling you two things: 1. That there is a card in the slot, and 2. that the card is not formatted. If you don't get that message, you must troubleshoot your Serial connect to ensure that the computer and AR-200S are on speaking terms.

8.Formatting a card in the AR-200S requires a few steps. 1. Enter Delete Mode. 2. Specify the command you wish to perform. 3. Acknowledge that the AR-200S heard that command correctly.

9. To enter Delete Mode Press Ctrl+B. This will produce a smiley face in hyperterminal, then enter DM; without the quotation marks. When the AR-200S recieves a message that it understands it will send an acknowledgement in the form of a spade symbol. If it doesn't understand, you will get an ER message. While in Delete Mode, you may now format the card using the FM command. Press Ctrl+B FM:0,0,0; The AR-200S will respond by repeating the command you entered.

To confirm that you want the AR-200S to format the card, press Ctrl+F to acknowledge. Hyperterminal will start spitting out a bunch of status information and end with a %%100. Your card is now formatted.

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