FA-101: SYMPTOM: Computer Does Not Recognize the FA-101

The following information will help you troubleshoot in the event that your computer does not recognize the FA-101:

Notes on Compatibility:

  • Although there are Firewire 400 converters (such as to Firewire 800, Thunderbolt or USB), we haven't tested these on the legacy FA interface products and have not received good reports of success with Firewire 400 converters. Because of this, we cannot guarantee compatibility.


  1. Install the latest driver for the operating system. You may download the latest driver from the link below:
    Driver installation is not necessary for Mac OS X 10.9 or earlier. Mac OS X 10.10 or later is not officially compatible.
  2. Be sure to log on as a user with administrative privileges on your computer.
  3. Close/turn off system monitoring/anti-virus software. If system monitoring software such as anti-virus programs are installed on your computer, close them while troubleshooting.
  4. Using only a PCI card slot with a Texas Instruments chipset is recommended. Be sure that the firewire card is compatible with your computer and operating system and that it's received good reviews from other computer users.
    Due to the age of the product, we don't have specific recommendations regarding which PCI cards to purchase.
  5. Try a different firewire cable and different firewire ports on the computer (if available).

    • If you are powering the FA-101 via bus power, be sure that the back of the FA-101 is set to "BUS" and not "OFF". Also note that the FA-101 cannot be bus powered via the smaller 4-pin firewire connector--only the larger 6-pin firewire connector can supply bus power. If the blue power light (“PWR”) on the front panel does not illuminate, blinks or is intermittent, then the FA-101 is not being properly powered. Try a different 6-pin firewire cable and/or a different firewire port on the computer.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot guarantee that adapting from another type of connection (such as Thunderbolt, USB, Firewire 800, etc) into Firewire 400 will be compatible or even supply enough bus power to power the FA-101 properly. In this case, a PSB-120 power supply can be tested to power the FA-101:



    • If you are powering the FA-101 via power supply, be sure that you are using a Roland PSB-1U or PSB-120 model numbered power supply only. We cannot guarantee compatibility with any other power supply. If the blue power light (“PWR”) on the front panel does not illuminate, blinks or is intermittent, then the FA-101 is not being properly powered. If you can, try a different PSB-1U or PSB-120 power supply. If the problem continues, the FA-101 will require service and will need to be sent to us for service. Service information can be found below.
  7. Test on a different computer (if available) to pin-point whether the issue is due to the FA-101 itself or with the original computer being used.


If the problem continues, the unit will need to be serviced unfortunately. Service information can be found here:

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