A-01: Backing Up Your Settings

You can use the Bulk Dump feature of the A-01 to save all Controller Settings, Tones, and Patterns to an external MIDI sequencer for backing up your work.

  1. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of the A-01 to the MIDI IN of your sequencer.
  2. Press MENU.
  3. Use the ^/v buttons to select "System" and press the INC button.
  4. Use the ^/v buttons to select "Bulk Dump" and press the INC button.
  5. Start the external MIDI sequencer in Record mode.
  6. Press the "4" button to begin sending the data from the A-01. Transmission will take 10-20 seconds.
  7. When completed, stop the external sequencer and save the data.
  8. Press the DEC button to return to the previous screen on the A-01, then press MENU to exit the system settings mode.


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